Workshops & Tailored Food Experiences

With a full pendulum swing from our small beginnings at the local Farmer’s Market, to volume-driven commercial food production for national supermarkets and gourmet food stores, we’ve found our happy place in bespoke workshops and tailored food experiences. After our big picture commercial experience, we have returned to what really excites us about food; connecting with small gatherings of like-minded souls who are keen to learn, share and eat in a more nourishing way.
Below are our upcoming workshops or let’s talk about creating your bespoke food experience.


A Plant-based Farmhouse Book Launch Like No Other!

There are probably a million ways to launch a cookbook, but A Plant-Based Farmhouse was born from a unique camaraderie, and it is obvious to those involved, it’s the very same effort that should send this cookbook into the world; team effort. And so rather than an author-only focussed event, we’ve opted for a shared experience that invites everyone behind the scenes for an especially immersive adventure into the creative like-minds of stylist Lee Blaylock, photographer Lean Timms and author Cherie Hausler. A one-off chance to watch the process of making a cookbook from the altogether unique perspective of being with the women who made it happen, as it happens, in exactly the same location it happened in. It’s the most delicious version of an Access-All-Areas pass imaginable!

Where and When…

10am-1pm, Saturday 11th May
Join us for a gathering in Cherie’s beautiful Barossa Valley stables kitchen, to watch the girls cook, style and photograph from A Plant-Based Farmhouse, before you satisfy the most important sense when it comes to food – taste.