Our packaging is 100% recyclable. Our chilled goods are in glass jars with recycled card overwrap and our aged cheeses are wrapped in 100% biodegradable nano-perforated cellulose cheese wraps. Our teas are all in kraft bags, lined with cellulose and labelled with recycled card stickers. Only plant based inks are used throughout our range.
We pride ourselves on recycling all paper, glass and soft plastics throughout the production process within our kitchen. Even our vegetable scraps are collected and fed to our rescued farm animals! Our facility is exclusively dedicated to vegan production, no animal products are used anywhere within the kitchen at any time.
Our founder, Cherie Hausler, not only rescues animals to be part of her own farm family, but she also supports WIRES, Freedom Hill Sanctuary and The Humane Society.
Being proactive is important to All The Things, and we’re firm believers that starts on your plate!