1 x batch fresh pasta dough (see recipe here)
1 jar All The Things Almond Curd
2 tbsp All The Things Whole Garden Stock
Extra vIrgin olive oil
1 jar homemade tomato passata, or a favourite tomato pasta sauce of choice
Fresh sage


Roll out the fresh pasta using a pasta machine, or between 2 sheets of baking paper, until 2 mm thick x approximately 30cm long and 10cm wide.
This is a rough guide, you can make your ravioli any size you like, it will still taste delicious.

Place a teaspoon of Fresh Almond Curd every 2-3cm along one of the long sides of the pasta sheet, closest to you.

Dunk your index finger into some water and run it over the dough in between each spoonful of filling. Don’t make it too wet, you just want to help the pasta to adhere to itself once you seal each ravioli.

Flip the pasta sheet over the little mounds of Almond Curd by pulling the opposite long side over where you have filled. Gently press your index finger in between each mound of Almond Curd to seal the pasta together on all sides of the filling.

You should have a long ‘sausage’ of almond curd pillows. Take a fork and press it along the length of the ‘sausage’ sealing the edge with a crimp pattern.

Cut between each ravioli with a sharp knife and crimp the sides with the fork until all sides of each ravioli is sealed.

Bring water to the boil and cook pasta while you make the simple sauce.

In a medium saucepan over high heat, add a glut of olive oil and fry the Whole Garden Stock for a minute.
Add the tomato passata and herbs. Salt to taste.

Drain cooked ravioli and top with tomato passata. Serve immediately.