Who wouldn’t want to be infused with botanicals for the day?!

Daylesford-based Natasha Morgan, gardener, grower, forager and preserver extraordinaire, will be joining our founder, Cherie Hausler, in her beautiful Stables Kitchen in the Barossa Valley for a relaxed day practising all the ways both women have dedicated their lives to the beauty of plants, with an especially keen focus on what can be made from them; both edible and otherwise.

Come for a day of Spring foraging and preserving, learning how to make delicious syrups, sun teas and shrubs to drink across Summer, and also delve into the medicinal benefits of botanicals by creating your own plant based salve for topical application.

Pots of hand blended tea will be served along side a long table morning tea with a focus on homegrown produce, while Natasha and Cherie share in the discussion of how to bring botanicals into your every day in the simplest but most precious ways.

It’s going to be a delicious day, in a gorgeous space (the kitchen where All The Things TV is filmed for SBS) with a bunch of lovely people.

Tickets are extremely limited, so grab some friends, your camera or phone to take pics, and come to the Barossa for the day – just do it quickly!

Date: Sunday October 29

Place: The Stables Kitchen (Barossa Valley)

Time: 10am – 1pm

Price: $225 per person

Includes: Creating a botanical syrup and topical salve to take home, learning how to preserve seasonal fruits and flowers making shrubs, a long table morning tea to share, and every opportunity to take some time for yourself to ‘unplug’ for the day.