It seems anything is fair game for pickling, but I’ll admit the genius idea of pickling pine cones was not my own. Inspired by the lovely Adelaster Food Textures on Instagram, and made manifest closer to home via my clever friend Ilona from Ottimade, it was inevitable that I would want to make them after tasting them, and I’m imagining you will too. Plus, who can resist going foraging for baby pine cones and bringing them out to wow even the most dedicated of foodies when they visit? I mean, pickled pine cones for goodness sake! So good. Add them to a champagne flute of kombucha, or include them along side some smoked almond curd on a cheese plate, really, I’ve just eaten them straight from the jar while I’ve been standing with the fridge door open looking for something to eat them with. That’s how good they are. Just as Winter is turning into the first weeks of Spring is when you’ll find the perfect sized pine cones for pickling. The Youtube episode will cover the details, and you’ll get to see what a Spring breeze means out here on our hill too. Gawd.


Hand picked mini pine cones, roughly 2 cups worth, or however many you can find
200ml organic apple cider vinegar
80g Rapadura sugar
3 tsp Himalayan salt


Heat the vinegar, salt and sugar and bring to the boil until the salt and sugar have dissolved. Pour over the pine cones. Store in a sterilized jar. Try them after 6-8 weeks. They keep for an age.