I never tire of the kind of alchemy putting lots of semi related things in a food processor can result in; aka pesto. In fact, it may not even be fair to call this pesto because it veers quite sharply off to left of that, considering there’s not even basil in it, but it does make a ‘paste’ so we’ll go with its traditional moniker for now. The inclusion of garlic could also be seen as sacrosanct in a pesto, but that’s not in this recipe either I’m afraid, and not because this is some kind of anti-establishment pesto, but more because I prefer the softer flavour of chives rather than the harder edge raw garlic offers, as mentioned in the Youtube episode. Feel free to swap the the soft for the hard though, and in fact throw whatever herbs you have into this, it’s far more a nudge in the direction of pesto than any set recipe. The one thing I wouldn’t leave out is preserved  lemon, because it perfectly sits in for the salty undertone that Parmesan traditionally accounts for. And, well, there’s no Parmesan in this pesto either. But you probably knew that.
Makes 1 batch


A generous handful of each of the following herbs –

organic nettles
organic fennel fronds
organic mint
organic parsley
organic oregano
fresh chives
extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp capers in salt (don’t rinse)
2 quarters preserved lemon (don’t rinse)
1/2 cup hempseeds (keep 1/4 cup back to sprinkle on top of the pasta)


Blitz together in a food processor until you have the consistency you prefer, adding the olive oil as you go.

Cook pasta of your choice. I used brown rice penne for this recipe.

To serve the pasta, drizzle generous spoonfuls of pesto across the hot penne, top with extra rocket flowers, fresh herbs and hempseeds, or whatever takes your fancy.