I’ve been taking full advantage of the ‘cacao veil’ when it comes to adding less than delicious, but unbelievably nutritious things, into food and drinks for a while now, so it only made sense to utilise the Queen of cacao beverages to line up a bounty of other superfoods with – Loaded Hot Chocolate. For the full rundown on just how good the individual ingredients are for you, please check out the Youtube episode, with expert Naturopathic advice (and dance moves) given by my gorgeous friend Hetty. She’s the best kind of endorsement for putting mushrooms into hot chocolate!
For 1 cup


1 1/2 tsp organic raw cacao powder
1 tsp organic maca powder
1 tsp organic chaga mushroom powder
1/2 tsp organic cinnamon powder



Mix the powders together in the bottom of a cup and half fill with boiling water. Stir until smooth, then top with steamed plant based milk. We found no need to add any further sweeter because the maca powder gives such a lovely caramel flavour, but you can always add a sneak of rapadura sugar if you like.