Green Tea & Dill Cucumbers

makes 1 large jar (approx 2L)


400g-600g small pickling cucumbers

3-4 dill heads

6 tsp No 5 Green Tea

8-10 fresh vine leaves (unsprayed)

6-8 cups of water

3-4 tbsp salt flakes



Make sure your jar has been sterilised with boiling water, then begin to layer the pickled cucumbers, starting with a couple of vine leaves, then a layer of fresh cucumbers, packed firmly. Then add a dill head, squashing the seeds to release them as you go. Another couple of vine leaves, then more cucumbers and dill. Continue until you have filled the jar about 2-3cm from the top. Stir the salt into the room temperature water until dissolved, add the green tea leaves to the top of the jar, and then pour the brine over the cucumbers to fill the jar completely. Add a final vine leaf and really tuck the cucumbers in to ensure they can’t rise above the water line. Place the lid on the jar and leave in a dark, cool place for 10-12 days to pickle.