1 jar ATT Fresh Almond Curd
Fresh, unsprayed nasturtium leaves
Muslin cloth, 15cm x 15cm
Tea Cup


Line the tea cup, or small bowl, with the dampened muslin cloth. Spoon the fresh almond curd from the jar into the cup and gently press down on the cheese as you go, making sure there’s no air spaces. Once you have filled the tea cup, gather the muslin cloth over the top of the curd and apply enough pressure with your hands to ensure it is compressed. Unwrap the cloth and place a small serving plate or cheese board over the top of the curd and tea cup. Flip the tea cup and plate to leave the tea cup now upended on the top of the plate. Gently remove the tea cup to reveal the cloth wrapped curd, and slowly peel the cloth from the cheese. Cut the individual leaves of nasturtium and with the stem facing out, press each leaf onto the outside of the curd, eventually covering the whole cheese. Serve with oatcakes or sourdough.